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Fun Websites For Kids

Activity Sites

PBS Kids is where your kids will feel right at home. Surrounded by their favorite characters from TV classics like Sesame Street and Teletubbies, they can play games, paint masks, solve puzzles and interact with popular characters.

Funology is a great source for games, activities and magic tricks that subtly explain scientific concepts in a format that’s entertaining and informative.


Animal Sites

You’ll find a plethora of animal sites on the Web that include lots of pretty pictures, some interactive media and a few puzzles. The National Wildlife Federation’s website includes tips on conserving precious wildlife, and other conservation techniques.

Take your kids over to the Switcheroo Zoo. Here they can be creative and “design” animals using different body parts from other animals. Your child will love naming his new “creation!” Animal sound concerts and videos are aplenty here.

Cooking Sites

Introduce your children to the pleasures of the culinary arts. Cooking with Kids is one of the most comprehensive guides to cooking with children and walks you through the process of including your kids in your kitchen activities in an easy to follow format. Recipes here are perfect for elementary age kids and include filling lunches besides snacks and munchies.

For smaller kids, Wee Kiwis conjures up a mix of cookies and cakes, washed down with some delicious ice cream and drinks! All recipes come illustrated with carton characters and are simple and easy to follow.


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