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Crafts Sites

Encourage your child’s artistic skills by introducing her to the colorful world of crafts making. Crafts Bits has loads of paper crafts, sewing projects and painting and art activities for kids up to their teens.

Catch them young! For pre schoolers and kids, Crafts for Kids has hundreds of simple crafts ideas that are easy enough for the littlest members of your family to implement. Non fussy, inexpensive materials and never elaborate – the crafts activities here are the answer to the harried parents’ prayer!

Craft, Education and Games Sites


Educational Sites

Help your child hone his math skills at Cool Math 4 Kids. Flashily designed to resemble a glamorous games portal, this site does a terrific job of explaining hard to master algebraic and arithmetic concepts. Math puzzles, games and brain benders are also included to add to the fun quotient. Who says math is boring?

Your child will look at the study of history with new eyes once he’s visited Daily Lives in Ancient Civilizations. Here, age old theories of primitive man are explained in a language that’s not droll and monotonous but young and fresh. What sets this site apart is the manner in which it manages to present our ancestors as “normal” individuals with rich cultural and social lives rather than as stuffy mummies.

Games Sites

Zeeks is more of an interactive and virtual community than a mere games portal, but the mind boggling numbers of games, sports and brain teasers alone qualify it as one of the most comprehensive on the Web.

The Kids Games directory has been compiled to include games that are free, fun for all ages and diverse in range. So your kids can enjoy puzzles, board games and science games besides arcade games.


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