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Health and Safety

Having trouble getting your kids to eat right or go to bed early? Perhaps they’ll be more likely to listen when Kids Health tells them to. This comprehensive child health portal has separate sections for Parents, Teens and Kids but it’s the last one that we’ve tackled. Whatever the physical or emotional questions your child may have, he’s sure to find the answer here. This one is an especially great resource for pre teens looking for the answers to uncomfortable puberty questions.

Help your kids get Net savvy at NetSmartz Kids, an internet safety site that explains the dos and don’ts of online relationships using rap tunes and fun characters. Parental supervisions is of the utmost importance when it comes to cyber safety, but NetSmartz Kids helps get the message across doubly fast.

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Kids Communities

Give your child an early introduction to the realities of social networking through these kids virtual communities. Whether your child is a shy introvert, a home schooler, bored at home or merely trying to expand his friends circle, he’ll find Club Penguin a riot. Parental monitoring options are re assuring and the presence of moderators at chat forums increases the safety quotient.

Gift your child a pet at Webkinz and watch as he learns to care for it, earn for its upkeep while saving for his long term educational goals along the sides. A fun experience and an educational one too.

Science Sites

The perfect introduction for a preschooler to the wonders of science, Cool Science for Curious Kids has plenty of simple interactive activities for your child and explains some tough to grasp scientific concepts in an easy to follow manner. Plus the pages are beautifully designed to appeal to little eyes.

Older kids will find the answers to scientific brain menders at Extreme Science. Here, the secrets to some of nature’s greatest and most intriguing mysteries are unlocked. A snazzy layout site with terrific images and loads of information, your kids will chew on this one for hours!


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